SafeGuard Derma Sense For Acne Prone

    Well, I never had acne or pimples in my whole life. Even in my High School to College Days or what they called the adolescent or puberty stage. Maybe because none in our family is acne prone or another thing is unlike other girls during that time I don’t wear makeup as in nothing. As far as I can remember I only use baby powder on my face (lol!). Actually, even when I started working on night shifts since I work in a call center industry I don’t get any pimples. Until, I give birth to my son 2 years ago. I think the culprit of this is my hormones(arggh!!) . I don’t have a severe case of acne.  At first, it started with my forehead and the area around my nose. It is quite big, red and has pus.  And now it has been residing most of the time in my jaw line.
 This is not the very first product I use to eliminate my freaking acne or pimples.
 Just saw the advertisement recently maybe few weeks ago. I’ve been reading blogs and other reviews on how to eliminate acne before this. Since Safeguard is known for its anti-bacterial and germ fighting properties why not try it.
So I bought this when I was doing my weekly “grocery” thing in Puregold.
It has 2 sizes, so I grab the regular sized one. Actually, they have another variant, which is for sensitive skin.
SafeGuard Derma Sense For Acne Prone
I use the soap to wash my face after an overnight work.
Here is my verdict.
  • It is cheap and affordable for 54.75 ( not sure of the price but the 54 thing is correct,,hehe)
  • Based on my observation, for using it for about 2 weeks now (approx.) it somehow minimize my acne or pimples.
  • After using the soap, my face felt clean.
  • Plus, since SafeGuard is known for its germ-fighting  properties this is perfect in fighting germs and bacteria in our face.
For me, it a bit drying though.
Aside from that, the product is good.
Will I repurchase? Maybe. I still haven’t used up the entire bar yet.
**Update: No longer using this for a long time. Currently, aside from bar soaps they now had SafeGuard Derma Sense Face Wash of the same variant which are Acne Prone & Sensitive Skin.