Rouge: Sakiraya Lambency Blush Palette in Pink Review

Blush or blusher is one of the staple makeup products we have on our pouches or bag it may not be as important as a powder or an eyebrow but it adds an additional glow to our face.

Rouge (/ˈrʒ/; French: red), also called blush or blusher (UK), is a cosmetic typically used by women to redden the cheeks so as to provide a more youthful appearance, and to emphasize the cheekbones.  (Wikipedia)


Tips on what shade of blush to choose depending on your skin tone. (Source:

  Well most blushes might be reddish or pinkish in color. But nowadays, there are different shades you can choose from. I have used Avon’s Simply Pretty blush and I love it. It is almost used up so I decided to buy another one, During my online shopping at Zalora,I came across this blush from a not so known brand. Since I’m on a tight budget ,I gave it a try.

 Sakiraya Lambency Blush Palette in Pink


Lambency Blush Palette
This is a pan of blush powder which can create ruddiness and nice texture as cotton candy;and the other one is hi-pearl powder which can bright the center & highest area of face. We create the 3D & make faces smaller by Hi-light powder but not make shadow as the old skill. Use these two colors to fit with skin perfectly and create a bright & natural looking! 
 Size  86*53*15mm
 Volume  5.5g
 Color  1.Pink   2.Rose   3.Orange

What I can say:

  • I love the flawless finish of this blush, The white powder makes my face glowing and looking fresh. I also use it under the eye and eyebrow instead of using the usual concealer.
  • Affordable. For only 168Php, you can have this cute blush palette, Though I just checked it today (06\1\15) at Zalora it is already priced at 398Php. I think I got this at a discounted price.
  • This product is made in Taiwan. Not sure if that make sense though. LOL
  • I like the packaging,  very cute and handy.
  • I just don’t like the brush included in this palette. It is small for me. I use my Avon’s makeup brush for cheeks instead.
  • Not available on all department stores. I bought this online at Zalora.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Overall, I’m lovin it!!

The San San Soleil Matte Foundation

I know my blogs are full of anti-acne and whitening products review. But this time I’m adding a new review for makeup products. Well, honestly I’m not a makeup addict. The reason of buying this product is to hide or conceal my blemishes. I hope!

I was after the San San’s BB Cream by HBC but I’m not lucky to have it since it is nowhere to be found on any HBC stores. They all say it is out of stock even on their warehouses. So I concluded that they’ll no longer have it available in the market. For the reason? I dunno. It must be one of their best sellers. Actually the price went up based on what the sales rep.told me. Because based on what I’ve read online the price for that BB cream is around 149 or something now it’s 179 or more.  I apologize as I forgot the the exact amount.  Well, to cut the story short what had been offered to me is the San San Soleil Matte Foundation. Since I’m not into makeup and is not fan of foundation because of a thinking that it might clog my pores and cause me more pimples/acne. I was hesitant at first. So I look into reviews online, most of them are positive. So I bought my first liquid foundation. I was really into compact pressed powder ever since Myra-E, Avon and currently Nichido.

San San launches summer-inspired makeupFrom the Makeup with Vitamins, San San brings you its limited edition Soleil Collection only this summer!

Soleil, the French term for sun depicts the Collection’s warm yellow tone packaging. The products under the Soleil Collection are enriched with Vitamins A, C and E and sunscreen. The Soleil Matte Foundation (P149.75) has SPF 43 for maximum protection against harmful UV rays. It provides a smooth radiant finish and a lightweight feel, perfect for all skin types. 


Here’s what the Foundation looks like.

I apologize I didn’t have the swatches taken.

My impression on this product?

  • For an amateur like me this might be an advantage, it only has one shade. The reason is because I get confused on makeup products that has 2 or more shades. I don’t know nothing about makeup (the undertone blah blah thing).
  • At my few tries and uses of this product I was impressed, it is flawless on my face.
  • The coverage? I’ll rate it 3/5. It failed my expectations. It would covered some blemishes but not all. My blemishes on my cheeks is only slightly covered. You have to reapply a few times  “somehow” covered it.
  • It is light on my face unlike other products where you get a heavy feeling.
  • Your face might get oily in the latter part of the day. So might as well  have a compact powder ready for touch ups. Or oil blotting film to suck up those oilies!
  • Very affordable for me. For 149.75Php. Why not?! I tried looking for other foundations or BB creams but most of them ranges from 200 bucks and up.
  • Did it break me out? Not really. But you might notice a few small bumps on your face if you have quite sensitive skin like me.
  • The product oxidizes on your face so it will blend on your skin tone. But if you have dark skin tone, the product might not suit you.
  • The foundation goes a long way. With just a few drops, it is enough to cover your entire face.
  • The tube might be something as a plus on this one but I find it hard to pump the liquid. Why? It tends to clog up the liquid making it hard to come out. So what I’m doing is opening the tube and just taking out the liquid there. A bit of a hassle though.
  • If you really want your blemishes to be covered use a good concealer before applying this foundation.
  • I’ve decided that I might not be purchasing this anymore. It makes my face oilier since I think because of the high SPF content it has (SPF40).