Which Shines the Most?

I admit I don’t have that shiny, beautiful hair you see on TV or Commercial Ads. Years ago,as Christmas I always undergo Rebonding. But since my hair as years go by became fine and breaks easily I stopped opting for it. I just go for conditioner or hair serum as what I’ll be reviewing today.


Left side is Vitress Hair Repair Coat Shine and the Right side is Ellips” Ultra Treatment.

I bough the Ellips hair shine at Watson priced at 50Php for 8 ml. only. Compared to Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat which is 48 Php only at HBC Store for 20 ml. Big difference right? I like the scent on both products. But I think I’ll go for Vitress since it is affordable or cheaper than Ellips plus the content is bigger than the other. Both products works good on my hair. My hair is not that damaged though I dye it twice a year. I just need something that would tame my frizzy hair. I’m not a fan of conditioner so I think this is a better substitute for those especially if you’re on the go like me. I also prefer the packaging of Vitress compare to Ellips’ tube. So it is VITRESS for me!!

Till my next blog!! 🙂