Catching Up: Going Back to Basics.

Catching Up: Going Back to Basics.

Practicality is a big word for me. I’m not sure if you will call it being thrifty or cheapskate. But who cares? if we alll know that the value of our money decreases over time. When it comes to my personal care needs I make
sure that #1 it is AFFORDABLE. I have spent my money on products that I’ll just once or thrice then just toss or dump it somewhere in my room, I’ve realized over time that I don’t need to spend extra more money on basic personal care or hygienic products I use on a daily basis. Well if there are cheaper alternate products I can use with same function and quality.

So Soft Wet Wipes (Lemon Scented, it also has the unscented variant).
Suited for makeup removal. I use this after I got home from work to remove my makeup and any traces of dirt on my face. For just 29 bucks at Watsons (orig.price is 35). It has 20 wipes in one pack . Compared to what i usually purchased at Watsons which is 45pesos for 2 packs of makeup remover wipes which 10 wipes per pack. For me, makeup removers shouldn’t need to be fancy unless your skin is really senstive. Others actually just use regular baby wipes as their makeup remover. Anyways, you still wash off your face after.

Eskinol Spotless C Calamansi Toner
Yeah this one is just 29 bucks too. I opted for this instead of purchasing another bottle of Kojie San Toner which is 43 or 44 Pesos. It might be a bit a harsh on your skin but this toner claims to lighten blemishes or dark spots and even whiten your skin. I just don’t see any need to buy Kojie San Toner even though I love the product, My mild acne or pimple still shows up once in a while. What made me decide to reunite with this toner is because of an IG post of a blogger whose acne was worst back then. I asked her what toner she use and she said Eskinol Spot Less C. It removes any traces of dirt and makeup on my face well. Lightening? I don’t know I still rely on my TRETINOIN CREAM 0.025% for my acne blemishes or redness.

unnamed (8)
119 Pesos Lippies

LA Colors Matte Lipstick ( Shade: Caramel Cream)
I was browsing thru Zalora’s online shop when LA Color Lipsticks catches my eye because of course it is affordable. I got my first LA Colors lipstick which is the Moisturizing Variant, shade is Pink Sand, But I didn’t like it since it is too shiny on my lips and the color makes me look pale. So I got this Matte variant of theirs. The shade Caramel Cream suits my skin tone. It is more on the coral shade I think, I’m sorry I’m not familiar with how to categorize lipstick shades. But I love the color on my lips. Being a cheap lipstick it is the color will not lasts on your lips. You may need to reapply it as needed.

unnamed (4)

LA Colors Moisturizing Lipstick. Shade is Pink Sand. 119 Pesos only.

unnamed (6)

LA Colors Matte Lipstick in Caramel Cream. 119 Pesos only.


Other shades to choose from LA Colors Matte Lipstick.

Avon Simply Pretty Sweet & Sassy Split Lipstick

I’m not sure how long this product has been in Avon but I just discovered this a few days ago after borrowing a colleague’s brochure. What made me order it is because it has 2 shades in one lipstick for a price of one, It has 3 shades: Passionate Pinks, Rich Reds and Captivating Corals. I choose Rich Reds because the colors are bolder and fierce, I didn’t go wrong because I was looking for a shade of lipstick that is more on the Berry shades. I was also surprised that this lipstick is pigmented and semi matte, Longevity is 4/5. I was surprised that after 4 hours I still can see the color on my lips. I was planning on purchasing the Captivating Corals shade. Well, I hope they still have it in their upcoming brochures. Guys this lippie is worth a try for 119 pesos only.


unnamed (5)

Avon Simply Pretty Sweet & Sassy Split Lipstick in Rich Reds. (1st swatch: DARK, 2nd swatch: LIGHT, 3rd swatch: COMBINED)


Avon Simply Pretty Sweet & Sassy Split Lipstick available in Avon brochures.

Lipsticks on my Lips

unnamed (7)

From the top: LA Colors Moisturizing Lipstick in Pink Sand LA Colors Matte Lipstick in Caramel Cream Avon Simply Pretty Sweet & Sassy Split Lipstick (left and right shades)

BodyXpert Stretch Mark Lotion

Long ago, I’ve posted a review on an anti-stretchmark topical treatment known in most countries around the world. The brand is called Bio Oil. I’ve consumed 2 bottles where each bottle costs P495.00 which for me is quite hefty. But thinking how the product goes a long way, you just need to save up at least P150 each month to be able to purchase a new one. On my case, since I wasn’t able to save up that amount due to unexpected expenses, I stopped using it. It indeed help in my stretchmarks dilemma but not to the extent that it erased or diminished those lines. I mean if you’ve read my post or review about this product there is no topical or over the counter treatment that will eliminate it in an instant. Sort of like your fairy godmother uses her magic wand and does it all for you.
I stopped looking for treatments since all of the products you can find at a local drugstore are priced almost the same (P400 plus and up). But just this Sunday, I was surprised to find a stretchmark product that really suits my budget. My boyfriend and I went to Watsons Megamall after watching a movie so that I can buy him a nose pack that I’m using. As I got what I’ve been aiming to buy, I was trying to look around and luckily got to the section of stretchmark products. As I said to myself, yeah they’re all priced the same (Glyderm, Bio Oil, Palmers). To my surprise this product catch my eye. The brand seems new to me since this is the first time I saw this at Watsons. I checked the price, I was in awe how affordable it is add to that that it is discounted also, I even verified it to the sales rep. if the price is correct. So without hesitation I grab it and pay for it.

BodyXpert Stretch Mark Lotion

unnamed (1)

What the box looks like. It is very sleek and sort of eye catching.


At the back of the box,where you can find the information and what the product is made of.

unnamed (2)

Unboxing. This is what it looks like inside a tube containing 120ml. of the product.

unnamed (3)

This is what the product looks like.

Product Features
BodyXpert Stretch Mark Lotion is enriched with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E that help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks.
This is just a partial review so far since I just started using it.


Easily absorbed by the skin. The consistency is runny that is why during application the skin absorbs it easily
It is non sticky and non-greasy.
The smell is nice. When I open the flip top tube, I immediately check on the smell.
Packaging is good. For this product so affordable, I cannot complain about the packaging, The box looks sleek.The tube is not messy.
Very affordable. It is discounted at a price of P119 from P149. Even though it is priced at P149 I would still purchase it.
Is it effective? As I mentioned from my previous review or blog about Bio Oil, there is no topical product that would diminish stretchmarks completely, In my almost 3 weeks of using this product, my tummy felt smooth and soft for almost 8-10 hours. It seems to lighten it also but not to an extent. I’m not sure if this would change if I continue using it for months. Let’s see. But honestly, I’m quite impressed on how this product performs. I’m not expecting too much from it since this is really cheap compared to most anti stretchmark products in the market.

My only complain so far is the accessibility or availability of this product in the market. It seems to me that you can only purchase this at Watsons and probably at SM Dept. Stores.
From the looks of it, the stocks might be limited.

Recommendations: As it says in the packaging, you can use this before, during and after pregnancy. I would highly recommend this to moms or mom to be out there who are budget conscious
like me. Instead of jumping to high end stretchmarks treatment you can try this as a start.
**I would be updating this post after few months of usage.


Something to Try: PureDerm Exfoliating Pore Cleansing Pad

I came about this product via an Instagram post by one of my friends in IG (@greenappletini). She posted a photo of her favorite makeup wipes brand PureDerm. What catches my eye is the Exfoliating Pore Cleansing Pad. It was like wow!(something new to try). Coincidentally, I forgot my makeup remover wipes at home. I was spending my long weekend(due to 4th of July) at my boyfriend’s condo. When we went to Greenhills to eat our lunch/dinner I dropped by at Watsons to buy this. Yeah, I was really itching to get a hold of this.

PUREDERM Exfoliating Pore Cleansing Pad


Photo 1: What the packaging looks like. Photo 2 (1st quadrant to the right): The front side I think. Photo 3 (2nd quadrant): back side of the pad. Photo 4 (last quadrant): After using the pad.

* Dual-sided and pre-moistened Purederm Exfoliating Pore Cleansing Pad, enriched with Aloe, Collagen, Witch Hazel and Hylaruonic Acid, is designed to clean deep down to the pores leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. This pads is textured on one side to gently exfoliate and smooth on the other side to lift away dirt, oil, and make-up that can clog pores and cause breakouts.
How to Use

①Lift the front seal and pull out one pad.
②Gently wipe over eyelids & around the eyes to remove make-up.
③Make sure to reseal the pack after each use. Dispose of pads in trash receptacle(do not flush).

What I love….

  • I’m  surprised on how it removes all the makeup on my face although the pad is pre -moistened or a bit dry.
  • The pad is very handy. It is the exact size of a usual cotton pads.
  • Non-irritating and hypoallergenic.
  • My face felt smooth and soft after using this.

What I quite don’t like..

  • The smell is not nice. Exact smell of a PESTO SAUCE.
  • It is quite pricey for me though it is Php 29.00 only. But if you are planning to use this often it is not budget friendly compared to using your regular makeup remover wipes.
  • What I don’t like about the packaging is the back side contains a lot of texts or information to think that is printed in tiny letters,.I can’t easily find the instruction on how to use it.
  • Only available at Watsons or SM Dept.Stores( with limited stocks I think, i got the last pc. at Greenhills branch)

Clip on how I use this pad. My video sucks I know.. LOL

Facial Scrub Review: Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub

Lately, I was having this weird bumps on my face. What I do as a remedy is to put tretinoin cream on it. Some would dried out eventually, others will just stay as it is. So I ended up having marks again on my face due to constant pricking (using a blackhead remover) just to get rid of it.


Here’s what those colorless bumps look like. (Image source: Google images)

I checked Google to see what would have caused this and what I should do to avoid this to happen again. What I found online is more on making sure to exfoliate my skin. Which would make sense since it’s been quite awhile I’ve used a facial scrub on my face. So I decided to go to the same brand of skin care I’m using which is the Himalaya Herbals. Honestly, I’ve already tried their Daily Gentle Exfoliating Scrub which is a good product they have but I ran out of it already. So I decided to try a different scrub they have which is this one I’ll be reviewing today.


Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub

Gently scrub away blackheads

What it does:

Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Scrub removes impurities and dead skin cells. It also cleanses excess oil from the skin’s surface, which is the root cause of acne. The scrub is blended with the goodness of Neem, which clears blackheads and acne, and Apricot, which hydrates the skin. The natural ingredients cleanse, nourish and moisturize your skin to make it soft, fresh and radiant.

Key ingredients:

  • Neem is an excellent skin care ingredient known for its antibacterial properties. It improves general skin health and immunity, combating bacterial infections such as acne, boils and ulcers. Neem tackles bacteria from the root and prevents the recurrence of pimples and blemishes.
  • Apricot granules gently exfoliate dead skin cells, to bring out your skin’s natural glow


Apply Purifying Neem Scrub in a circular motion on the face and neck. Rinse with water and pat dry. Use at least once a week for clear, acne-free skin.

Pack size:

50g and 100g

My Experience and Impressions?

  • I’ve used this product twice now. I mean I’m on my 2nd week of using it since it is advised to be used once a week only. I can feel that my face is clean and refreshed after using it.
  • I find it odd but during the time that I’m scrubbing this product on my face my face felt warm or something. I’m not sure if that is the effect of the scrub beads that is on this product.
  • I can’t tell right now if this product would really prevent my annoying bumps from happening again. Let’s see for the upcoming days and weeks.
  • Unlike their Daily Gentle Exfoliating Wash the texture of this product is creamy and white. The scrub beads are visible. The green beads I believe would the neem and the orange one is the apricot.
  • I’m not surprised if this would be quite pricey for 99Php. I’ve mentioned from my previous blog or review that their prices have subsequently gone up. I remember getting my Daily Gentle Exfoliating Wash of the same size for 89Php only.
  • I was opting for their Daily Gentle Exfoliating Wash but unfortunately 50g size nor this variant is not available on Mercury drugstores. I don’t have the time and means yet to go to bigger malls or Watsons. Their stocks at Mercury Drugstores are limited only or maybe it depends on the branch.
  • Contains Paraben. Quite surprising, since most of their products are paraben free, Cruelty free? a big YES.

I’ll be updating this page if any case there are major changes. Til my next review or blog. 🙂

Repost Series #6: Is That Really True? We Investigate Common Beauty Myths

Beauty Myths

“I’m trying to wash my hair less so it stops being so greasy.”

“Don’t put makeup on that zit, it’s gonna make it worse!”

“Once you shave it, it grows back twice as thick.”

Persistent and timeless, passed down from generation to generation, beauty myths dictate lots of our daily beauty routines. We’ve all heard them, we’ve all come to believe they’re true, but… are they? We took a closer look at five common beauty myths.

MYTH: You can “train” your hair to be less greasy.

This persistent hair myth that your locks can get “addicted” to shampoos has followed us around since middle school. The thinking behind it all is that your hair will produce more oil, the more you strip it of oil, thus forcing you to wash it more and more. That you can “break the cycle” by not washing it as much. But most hair experts agree that matter how much you wash your hair, whether it’s every day, every other day, or once every two weeks, your scalp pumps out oil at the rate your body tells it to. You cannot “train” your hair to produce less oil by shampooing your hair less. This will never happen. If you have fine hair, it’s going to get oiler faster than hair that is thicker or textured. And it will look better when it’s freshly washed. And this will probably never change.

Verdict: NOT TRUE

MYTH: Chocolate, pizza, and French fries cause acne.

Hang on a sec, that’s the pizza guy downstairs. Okay: Chocolate, pizza, and French fries themselves don’t cause breakouts, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. It’s not like you eat a French fry and BOOM!—get a zit. No. However, a diet based heavily on junky foods can definitely trigger breakouts, because the skin isn’t getting the nutrition it needs to keep its oil production regular, fight infections and bacteria, and be clear and glowing. And other dietary factors (including sensitivity to sugar or gluten) can impact your skin. So the moral of the story is: random pizza night? Chocolate binge? Your skin probably won’t care. Pizza every night? Chocolate all day every day? You may pay for that with a breakout.

Verdict: NOT TRUE

MYTH: Hair grows back thicker after you shave it.

Would someone like to call my Nana and tell her this is a total myth? I’d do it, but she moves fast for someone her age and wears a lot of rings. Here’s the truth: the hair shaft tapers at the end. When we shave, we’re cutting into the middle of the hair shaft, creating a flat edge, so it feels thicker and stubblier when it grows back. We notice the stubbly regrowth a lot more than we did when we had a virgin forest of soft, long, tapered-at-the-end hair on our heads, crotches, or legs. Yes, I said a virgin forest of leg hair.

Verdict: NOT TRUE

MYTH: Putting makeup on zits makes them worse.

Depends on the makeup, darlin’. If you’ve got a big zit and are trying to cover it up with an oil-based or heavy cream concealer, it might piss the zit off even more. But if you’re using a noncomedogenic, nonacnegenic product, you should be just fine. Stage makeup and grease paint = bad. Light, acne-fighting coverage = no problem!


MYTH: Split ends can be repaired.

I know there are lots of shampoos and serums and conditioners out there that claim to “banish split ends!” but (I hope you’re sitting down) these products are telling you tales. There’s only one way to get rid of split ends, and that’s to cut them off.  Products that claim to banish split ends are misleading, promising that they can help prevent split ends from forming with special moisturizers and nutrients. Split ends are a natural part of life—the ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair, and they have gone through months of sun exposure, hot showers, and heat styling. Now, you can put serums and creams in hair to help it look healthier, but there is no product under the sun that can actually heal split ends. Hair is dead, friends. You cannot heal the dead.

Verdict: NOT TRUE

Photo: Emma Kim / Image Source by KRISTA BURTON

Repost Series #1: Glossary: Defining The Ingredients In Your Favorite Skincare Products

Big words and fancy scientific language may make your favorite product sound effective, but how many of us really know what all these terms really mean? We browsed the skincare aisle and selected some of most mystifying terminology to create our glossary below (and don’t worry, we left out the science speak so there’s no translation needed).



Allantoin naturally occurs with the oxidation of uric acid in the body, and while allantoin is naturally found in many mammals, a synthetic version is used in cosmetics. According to numerous tests, the lab-made version is just as effective at not only moisturizing, but even helping to shed the top layer of skin cells, giving skin a fresh appearance. It’s a major player in our Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body moisturizer which keeps our arms and legs smooth and toned in ways we weren’t aware of before.

Colloidal Gold


It’s the main player in our Gold Omorovicza line, but what exactly is colloidal gold? When one substance is broken down and blended with another in order to enhance its distributive effects, it becomes a colloid. This one is actual gold, broken down into microscopic particles which are then blended into these products. The mineral helps soothe skin and restore elasticity and firmness, and the key to its effectiveness is its colloidal properties.



Humectants, in a nutshell, keep things hydrated. Not only does this substance retain moisture, it attracts it, drawing moisture from the air. In the case of our Korres Showergel, it distributes moisture onto your wet skin. Humectants are a key ingredient at making the most of your daily moisturizers effective. They’re even used in some medications to improve system absorption. Humectants are the friend your skin never knew it had.



An ointment is a type of formula that is different from a cream or a lotion. Don’t expect this formula to be light and creamy—instead, it tends to be thick, greasy, and likely clear in color. While a balm is waxy, an ointment is heavier and more wet feeling. Because of its super thick consistency and high concentration of water, ointments are excellent at hydrating the skin. The ointment formula is the reason our Lucas’ Papaw Remedy Ointment is so effective at hydrating dry patches, soothing chapped lips, healing surface wounds, and more.



The plainest of fabrics available, this basic, unbleached cotton cloth is what dressmakers use to create pattern mock-ups. So what does it have to do with beauty? Our Eve Lom Muslin Cleansing Cloths say it all. The basic bleach and dye-free quality of good muslin makes it an excellent wash cloth and provides a light exfoliation effect. Using a wash cloth regularly can help remove makeup and debris at the end of a long day, as well as loosen clogged pores, preventing blackheads and limiting the need for extractions.



Squalane is a hydrogenated oil derivative of squalene, an organic compound which, in the case of ourIndie Lee Facial Oil, is derived from olives. Our skin cells produce it naturally, as just one of the many ways our body keeps itself lubricated and moisturized from the inside out. Once hydrogenated, squalane is highly resistant to oxidation, making it useful in preventing discoloration and age spots—our own body’s way of oxidizing. Harvesting it from the livers of sharks used to be the most popular way to obtain it, but it took 3000 sharks to produce just one ton of the precious oil. Now it is most often derived from plant sources like olives. Thank goodness for cruelty-free alternatives.



Bath Soap: Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean With Charcoal Powder

We always have that one soap we love. I mean bath soaps. Different types of soaps are available in the market. From moisturizing, exfoliating, medicated, antibacterial, etc. name it!

First thing’s first — when choosing the best soap for you, make sure that the product is suited to your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, etc).

In my case, I don’t have dry skin. Normal I think. But as I was doing my weekly grocery at a local supermarket, this soap catch my eye. Maybe because of it’s color which is black? Or because it says CHARCOAL? Charcoal on a soap? Really?!!

I already had Nivea Green Tea and Cucumber soap on my hand but I changed my mind upon checking the Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean with Charcoal Powder. 


I picked this Flow Pack just to give it a try.

 Indulge in a sensational clean and fresh shower experience with Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean soap. Its formula, infused with 100% natural Charcoal powder, helps cleanse the skin and eliminate everyday dirt after every shower. Enjoy its long lasting pleasant scent too!

 How was my experience so far?
After using the soap, i feel that my skin is really cleansed. The scent is okay. Nothing exceptional or unique with it. It is non drying. From the looks of it, the soap I think won’t melt easily unlike other soaps like Kojic Soap. The soap lathers quite well. The price? of course very affordable. The flow pack only costs 18 pesos while the bigger one is 30 bucks I think (not sure). To my surprise, I was thinking the soap’s color would be black but it isi dirty white due to the black specks embedded in it ( that is the charcoal thingy maybe). This soap is available on all supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

Facial Wipes Review: Watsons Cleansing Facial Wipes Herbal Floral

You don’t have to be a beauty industry expert or skin care specialist to understand the appeal of face cleansing wipes. These cleansing cloths are aimed at making your life easier in many ways. Sitting at your desk in the middle of the workday when skin is getting oily, you can simply reach for a cleansing wipe for a quick refresher without leaving your desk. When traveling or without easy access to a sink, you can just delve into your purse for a pack of disposable cleansing cloths to freshen up.

Face cleansing wipes come in two varieties: dry wipes and wet wipes. Dry wipes require some water for use. A quick run under the faucet allows the cloth to create a foam when gently rubbed against the skin. The second type can be used anywhere because they are already moistened. Many of the wipes come in one large container, but some wipes also are individually wrapped for convenience.

Both dry wipes and wet wipes have a variety of ingredients that range from gentle moisturizers to strong exfoliants, which help remove dead skin for a smoother complexion. Some skin-nourishing vitamins found in cleanser cloths are vitamins B5, C and E. Some stronger wipes have salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide in them, which help remove oil and prevent acne breakouts. The cloths often have two sides, with the softer side used to clean and moisturize and the other to exfoliate.

Face cleansing wipes also are easy to use because they come with a cleansing product already on them. Whether they are dry or pre-moistened, the wipes already contain the correct amount and type of ingredients needed for facial cleansing. Even people with acne-prone or sensitive skin have a wide selection of wipes to choose from.

Another major benefit of cleansing wipes is their all-in-one ingredients feature. Some of the products have cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing abilities, which allow people who normally don’t spend much time on skin care to at least get those basic tasks done. And for those who normally partake of a full skin care treatment but don’t have time on certain days, they can still get those three steps done by simply using one cleansing cloth.

With the abundance of face cleanser wipes available, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one you like. And as an added bonus, they are a relatively low-cost product. Like the one that I’ll be reviewing today.

Watsons Cleansing Facial Wipes Herbal Floral


  My boyfriend and I were on our usual Sunday date when I decided to drop by at Watsons to buy some stuff. On my previous blog, I already did a short review on two facial wipes I’ve used. I was using before the Watson’s Femme Fresh Facial Wipes which is most of the time on a buy 1 take 1 promo for 59 pesos. Unfortunately, when I checked at Watson’s Greenhills that is not the case but then I spotted this wipes which is 45 bucks for two packs.

Would this make me change my usual wipes? Yes. I like the product so far. First, it is very affordable for two packs(10 sheets per pack) 45Php ($1). Next, It removes my makeup well. I find the wipes too moist enough to take off all those makeup and grime off my face. Another thing is the smell, I love it too. One thing that I don’t quite like is the texture of the wipes. The cloth or wipes are thick and a bit rough for me though it doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t think it is harsh on my skin based on my observation.The packaging as you can see is just like a typical wet wipes. Just carefully put back the stick on lid to avoid wipes getting dry.This would be my facial wipes moving on unless I can’t find this again on Watsons stores. I’ve seen this product online long time ago but didn’t find this on some Watsons stores

Other brands you can try are:

  • Celeteque
  • Nivea
  • Pure Derm
  • Neutrogena, etc.

Facial Cleansing Wipes can be a skin saver. But skin care specialists strongly advise washing your face daily, otherwise your skin can break out or become dull.