Defensil Anti-Pimple Soap

So here’s the story. My pimples started about 2 years ago (almost). It was the last quarter of 2012, months after I gave birth to my son. A big pimple start to pop out on my face. Thinking it was just because of my monthly period so I ignore it.  But I noticed that it started to double or triple before the year ends. It has pus and is reddish. Most of my pimples resides within the nose area and forehead. I also notice my face began to oil up. I was worried since this never happened to me even in my puberty stage… Never!! So I began to take action.  In the family, back then we were a big fan of Pond’s product especially their facial wash ever since I was college. What I did is I combined Pond’s anti-bacterial and this soap called Defensil. Actually, I just discovered this soap at home. I saw this small SAMPLE soap sitting in our room. My father said it was given as a sample at a local known pharmacy store maybe he went there to buy his meds. So here I am trying this soap.


It says:

Defensil anti-pimple soap stops breakouts on their tracks. Notice how pimples dry up every use. It combines three active ingredients that dries pimples and heals scars that it left behind.

This product by the way is from the makers of the well-known kojic soap Kojie San.

Upon using this soap, I can feel the soap is doing its job. I felt a stinging sensation and somehow my face feels so tight. I know it might be scary but that is my indication that the soap is working. I didn’t put any powder or makeup on my face that time. This is so that the healing process would be faster.  I believe makeup sometimes tends to provoke or worsen pimples or bumps in your face. It is a matter of ” tiis ganda”.

It indeed dried up my pimples. In the process, it heals it. I was amazed by this soap considering the fact that it is very affordable. The small bar is only 35Php. It didn’t leave any marks or blemish along the process. It is matter of patience and discipline though. Patience because this is not an overnight thing that once you use the soap your pimple will be gone. Discipline in the sense that stop pricking your freaking pimples and touching your face as much as possible. I admit I’m guilty of this things. I can’t stop picking on my pimples.

I don’t have any negative things to say on this product. This works amazingly on me.  You can also use this as a maintenance since it claims to protect the T-zone from having pimples.

It is still best to consult a dermatologist if in case your pimple worsens.

Hope my blogs help you guys! Pardon my grammar. All my blogs are spontaneous. Well thanks to the proofread though! LOL    🙂

Here is Defensil’s new packaging.