My boyfriend and I share a common thing, WE LOVE FOOD. I think this is one of the things that eat up most of my budget and his as well. But we don’t regret it since FOOD is one of our topmost basic needs. Enough said 🙂 , we also do our sundate thingy and that means eating on one of our face restos. These Chinese restos is quite popular here in the Philippines. Filipinos love Chinese food from the basic dimsum which we called ‘siomai”  to own version of Congee which we called  ” lugaw”.  Chinese had influenced much of our Filipino dishes.

There’s More to Hot Noodles at Luk Yuen!

Deer Garden, otherwise known as Luk Yuen has performed the art of popular Chinese cooking and transformed its conception of food into something truly distinctive.

From its modest beginnings in 1981 as a traditional noodle house, Luk Yuen has since grown beyond its favored specialties of congee, noodles and dimsum. Its vision was to deliver Chinese comfort food that focused primarily on quality, freshness, consistency and affordability. Today, Luk Yuen works towards that same principle – keeping to heart its background based on home-style, authentic cooking despite its transformation into a full service Chinese restaurant.

Luk Yuen embodies the warm, casual familiarity of a classic and well-loved noodle house. Diners come assured on any occasion that they can rely on finding the same comfort in their favorite dishes that are offered with the restaurant’s warm service and unwavering standard of quality.

Its menu answers for more than just a satisfying meal. Expertly specialized recipes devote themselves to taste and indulge any appetite with a love for flavor, going lengths beyond what is expected from just a simple bowl of noodles.

After almost three decades and counting, there’s truly more to hot noodles at Luk Yuen.

               MENU FROM LUK YUEN




Le Ching Tea House also serves almost the same variety of food as Luk Yuen.  There are just few small difference on the menu and the taste.


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These are the food that we usually order from both restos:I wasn’t able to take a photo of the Hakaw (from Le Ching) because that is the first thing they serve and since we didn’t take our lunch we immediately ate it. LOL

From Le Ching Tea House


Halo Halo Noddle Soup. It has dumplings, beef brisket, etc.


Chicken Feet


Halo Halo Congee – my BF ordered this.

 From Luk Yuen.


Hakaw and Spare Ribs


Congee for my BF again.


Chicken Strips Noodle Soup for me again. LOL


  •  Both restos’ Hakaw, tastes the same ( really good). For me, I would prefer Luk Yuen over Le Ching Tea House. The noodles is better at Luk Yeun but Le Ching’s is good too. Both restos have the best chilli sauce. 🙂


  • Le Ching only has one size serving compared to Luk Yuen wherein they have small and regular sizes for their congee and noodles. It is better for me having options when it comes to size servings since I don’t eat heavy on one meal.


  • Both restos where situated in Greenhills but there are other branches also. My first Luk Yuen encounter is in Mega Mall.Luk Yuen has a better ambiance than Le Ching. Le Ching has like a carinderia type of place. I’m not sensitive to places but that is just my observation.


  • Luk Yuen is cheaper than Le Ching. If you check their menus above. I’m not sure on their other dishes though.


  • The waiters or servers are nice and accommodating. One thing that you might not like in Luk Yuen since lots of people are coming in, is the wait time. I think most of the time especially if it is on a weekend or family day their resto is jam packed.

Both restos offers good quality Chinese food. You can never go wrong and your money is worth it. Another Chinese resto we love is Won Ton in Greenhills too. Their rice spareribs and hakaw it too die for.

Ow. By the way, I just want to share the best Baked Mussels I’ve tried so far. I wanna brag it because of the size. It is bigger than the normal mussels I ate. My boyfriend introduce me to this restobar in G/F Restaurant Row, Liberty Center, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City, Wack-Wack, 1550 called GOOGEL ( I didn’t mispell the famous search engine Google).  It is an open space area infront of Puregold Shaw. Very relaxing and laid back. Plus, the live bands are really awesome. They perform old school schools.


Googel’s version of Baked Mussels. Perfect with ice cold beer.

You may want to share with me where was your recent eats here in Metro Manila? 🙂