Our Typical Sunday

Sundays, usually spend it with your family. But for me, I spend it with my boyfie. It is given the fact that I spend 6 days with family and dogs.:)

So my boyfriend and I went to our usual hang out place ( that where he prefers to go out on a Sunday) Greenhills. Since it is just a 20 minute car ride  from this condo and the parking most of the time is not a hassle.

I accompany him going around tiangges inside the Greenhills mall. There area really lots of things to choose from in Greenhills. From shoes, clothes, bags,etc you name it. But before the tiring stroll inside the mall we went to eat out Hakaw (our favorite) which is only 60 pesos (4pcs). I forgot the name of that stall but the Hakaw is good and affordable.(sorry I wasn’t able to take a photo). Knowing my boyfriend who really eats a lot, he boguht 4 pcs. of California Maki. Then he asked me after that if I want fries? I said NO!!!!! LOL…

After endless checking at different stalls and tiangges. He bought 2 shirts and an electronic shaver. Enough of that though (hehe..), the highlight of the day is our dinner at Everything at Steak.

ADS will end in 10 sec. (LOL)….. (my FOTD Sunday)


What it looks like iinside. Image Source: https://www.zomato.com/photos/pv-res-6304176-r_NzMwMzY4OTg0OD#


This is not their MENU though. A list of the food they served. Image Source: https://www.zomato.com/manila/everything-at-steak-little-baguio-san-juan-city/menu#tabtop

CK39BTpUEAA8CZ_   Everything at Steak has 3 branches But this one is at  Continental Court, 47 Annapolis, Greenhills.  I ordered their Liempo, and  Twice Baked Potato. My boyfriend ordered T Bone Steak ( I think, LOL) and Meatball.

The food is tastes great. The meal is quite heavy. I think the meatball pasta which on the 2nd quadrant below is the bomb!! It is really cheesy. The Twice Baked Potato is nice too though I find the dressing on top quite sour. I was actually expecting it to be cheesy but  not. I also like the fact that their food is affordable.  Each of their steak comes with a side dish already. Their steaks cost less than 300 bucks. You can never go wrong with their food. If you’re on a hunt for a place to eat GOOD FOOD yet not hefty then consider this is on your list.



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