Better Late Than Never: Myra E Vitaglow BB Cream

Hi guys! I’m back for another blog or product review. Again this is for a BB Cream product for a popular brand here in the Philippines. From my previous blog, I already gave some information about BB Creams and how it differs from a regular foundation.  As we all know, Myra E is a known brand when it comes to skin care. I’ve been an avid user of this product from their moisturizers to face powder and even their skin supplement. So I have no question when it comes to trying out another product they have since I haven’t experience anything worse using their products. If I’m not mistaken they’ve launch the product last year. I know I’m late in reviewing this but as you all know I’m not really much of a makeup addict or junkie. But here’s my verdict or review on this product.


Myra E Vitaglow BB Cream in Ivory.


  • Very affordable. For a 20ml. tube it only costs 99Php.
  • Light weight. Not heavy or sticky on the face after application.
  • Has SPF 15. Which is a good thing since it is very hot and humid right now.
  • It has a mild scent.
  • Widely available in drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. I bought mine at Watsons.
  • Hypoallergenic. It didn’t give any breakout or allergic reaction on my face.
  • It has 2 shades only. Ivory for fair skin. Beige for medium to dark skinned. Some reviewers of this product find this as a disadvantage but for me it is easier to pick which shade to use. I’m not a fan of makeup products that has a lot of shades to choose from especially for a foundation, powder or  bb cream.
  • Packaging. Simple I must say.


  • There is no coverage on this BB Cream. Well, what would you expect from a 99 pesos BB cream. Better use a good concealer if you have anything to conceal.
  • Most of the reviews I’ve read online rants about the shimmers that is in this product. Surprisingly, it doesn’t bother me at all. I found the shimmers not that visible after applying a powder. I even checked my face during daytime and I don’t see any hint of glitters or shimmers remaining.But still it would be better not having this fancy shimmers on a BB Cream,
  • Long lasting? Nah. I don’t think so. It might last only up to 4 hours. Better yet use a good setting powder for this.

Overall, I choose the Avon Goodness BB Cream over this which I had reviewed previously. But I use this on a daily basis before going to work. I know that this product doesn’t meet expectations  makeup gurus or junkies out there but for me I can use this on a daily basis as a makeup base or sort of tinted moisturizer. This is perfect for those who have blemish free or flawless skin for a no make-up look.


4 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never: Myra E Vitaglow BB Cream

  1. I noticed in reviews that people who used Ivory didn’t complain much about the shimmers. I think the Beige variant has more of it

    • Baka nga. Pag unang application mei shimmers but then in the long run wla na din.hehe.. Okay na siya saken for everyday use kasi I work at night naman ska nasa office lang ako….hehe…

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