17 Signs You’re a Low-Maintenance Girl (Totally Me!)

Just can’t help re-posting this article from Female Network.

 								17 Signs You're a Low-Maintenance Girl

Low-maintenance girls are probably enjoying life more than anyone else. Not to be confused with being lazy, these ladies simply prefer a clutter-free life—may that mean actual items or personal drama. Are you one of them? Check out the signs below!

1. Your beauty essentials consist of not more than five products, and that already includes shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. “Because they are, indeed, enough!”

2. You’re okay with sleeping in old t-shirts. “No one will see me anyway,” you always say.

3. You think shopping is a chore. “I go to the mall to buy stuff I need to replenish. It’s never a pastime, okay?”

4. No-makeup look? More like no makeup at all. “Applying makeup takes so much time. Always!”

5. Okay, so you do wear makeup when you have time and on special occasions. “Of course, I still like to prettify myself.”

6. You’ve never lifted a muscle to blow-dry your hair.

 								17 Signs You're a Low-Maintenance Girl

 “OMG, people. The air outside is free.”

7. Speaking of hair, your favorite hairstyles are lugay, ponytail, or a bun. “It’s not like I’m in a beauty contest where people will judge me if my hair is not a perfect 10.”

8. Salons are for haircuts and dye jobs, not for hair spas and other rejuvenation shizz. “Waste of time and money, friends.”

9. You don’t mind seeing roots when you lack time to get your hair color retouched. “There are other ways to hide it until I remember to visit the salon.”

10. You’re also not bothered by a chipped mani, or you’re okay with a set of freshly-clipped nails you trimmed yourself. “It’s just nails. Jeez.”

11. Owning an uso piece of clothing does not move you. “If it doesn’t look good on me, even if it’s the hottest piece in the world of fashion, I shall not buy it.”

12. Your superhero strength? You can get dressed in under 10 minutes!

 								17 Signs You're a Low-Maintenance Girl

“Shower. Check! Top. Check! Bottoms. Check! Shoes. Check! Bag. Check! Okay, I’m ready!”

13. You don’t need a fancy dinner to enjoy a romantic evening with your man. “DVD marathons and unlimited boxes of pizza at home are splendid! As long as I am with my beau, it will always be the sweetest thing!”

14. An awesome Saturday night doesn’t need to happen in a bar or club. “A quaint coffee shop trip with my BFFs is all I need to make my weekend amazing.”

15. You don’t mind commuting to get to your destination. “I can still get there in one piece.”

16. You totally appreciate the gesture and the thought more than a gift’s price tag. “Awww…You remembered!”

17. And the best part: You’re totally rocking your personal style without feeling the need to please others. Kudos to you!

 								17 Signs You're a Low-Maintenance Girl

2 thoughts on “17 Signs You’re a Low-Maintenance Girl (Totally Me!)

  1. This was me when I was in my teens and 20’s. Things changed when I turned 29. Haha, Maybe I got bored. Still relatively low maintenance though, low maintenance makeup. 😛

    • The simpler the better.. Ako kasi yung tipong ngmmdali plage papuntang work kaya yung makeup ko is basic lang. lol….

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