Guinea Pig: Yogi Skin DeTox

The Skin Detective

I got some samples of Yogi teas at work and one caught my eye: Skin DeTox. It got great reviews online, but I still wasn’t sure. I knew I had to save it for a moment when someone was truly in a fix skin-wise, and it took a couple months before I could tell my friend and client, L, needed a facial boost.

I found out yesterday that she’s been drinking the tea for a week and a half or so, after I complimented her on how good her skin looks lately. She had to admit she cheated a bit and went back on a popular benzoyl peroxide product for a couple of days, but it dried her out so bad (told you so), she quit. Lately she’s been double bagging the tea, as recommended on the website, to get more of the benefits.

I know I’ve been talking about…

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