Eskinol Spot Less White

So here is my partial review of this product which is Eskinol Spot Less White. I know Eskinol is one of the toners or let’s say astringents known here in the Philippines. I remember the ad of this product wherein its endorser way back when I was a kid is the famous actress Vilma Santos. From what I remember, my mom had use this before. A trusted brand since 1945 and the pioneer of Facial Care in thePhilippines, Eskinol remains to be the #1 and will continue to grow the Deep Cleanser segment.

Eskinol Spot Less White Facial Deep Cleanser (with Pure Calamansi Extract)

Eskinol Classic White Facial Deep Cleanser Spot-less White 450x450_tcm103-367856

Eskinol Facial Deep Cleansers contain Micro-cleanse Anti-Bacterial Formula that removes pimple-causing dirt left from washing with soap. It also removes excess oil and make-up to make your skin truly clean. Use Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser and avoid pimples and other skin problems from coming back.

It claims to whiten and reduce dark spots or blemishes as early as 1 week.

I’ve read blogs and reviews on this most of them saying it is effective.

Partial verdict:

Compared to Gluta C toner this seems to clean my face better. I just noticed my cotton has accumulated more dirt when I use the Eskinol than Gluta C. I like the smell of this toner it is not too strong with a Citrus hint (since it has Calamansi Extract). It doesn’t dry that much too. Very affordable for 29 Php or close to 30 bucks for the small bottle. You can find this in any drugstores or leading supermarkets.

For the whitening part? I might give this a week or two. I have fair skin though. My indication for this would be my pimple marks and blemishes if it would lighten or remove it totally.

The downside might be its alcohol content but I don’t think I might be bothered by that.  I mean most toners have alcohol in it.

*update on this will be posted. Soon.

**Update as of 06\12\15– It’s been a long time since I last used this. After this I used the other variant, which is the Eskinol Classic White Facial Deep Cleanser but it didn’t help on my acne. As you all know I’m only using Kojie San Toner + Cleanser now.


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