I know most of you would underestimate the power of this product like SafeGuard. But this is one of the staple anti-pimple or acne that I’m using. And it works wonders in healing pimples or acne.

Just think of it why use or buy expensive over the counter topical products for pimples or acne if you can try this one.


Content: Zinc Oxide, Benzoic Acid, Sulfur, Salicylic Acid
PPD Classification: Antifungals, Topical
Needs a prescription : No
What is this product for(Indication): Ringworm, eczema, blackheads, PIMPLES, furunculosis, ACNE, skin itch, athlete’s foot, boils, insect bites, prickly heat, mange, Hong Kong foot.
How to use it (Dosing): Apply liberally morning and night.
Available forms: Ointment: Plastic Flip-top container 5 g. Plastic jar 50 g. Collapsible tubes 5 g, 15 g, 30 g

(credit: http://www.thefilipinodoctor.com/search-drug-details.php?keyword=Mouth%20blisters&keybrand=&id=20010584)

Just looking at the content of this product like Benzoic Acid, Salicylic and Zinc, this convinces me to buy this. I don’t have the worst acne or pimples but it gets to a bad state whenever I can’t stop to prick it or touch it. I’ve done enormous research about fighting pimples or acne and this 3 ingredients always came up to that list.


  • Very affordable. I always bought the small tube for 28Php only.
  • It heals or dries out pimple within 24 hours.
  • Has that cooling effect when you apply it to the affected area ( since it has a menthol content too)


  •  It can be messy when applied.
  • You can only use this if you are at home since this is a cream type.
  • The tube itself when squeezed out tends to pour out a lot.  I always asks for the other size which is in small circular container (like this size of a big one peso coin we had before) but it is always not available.

This is a staple product for me especially if my pimple/s tend to show up every month ( you know what I mean)

Till my next blog!! 🙂


13 thoughts on “DR. S. WONG’S BIODERM OINTMENT

    • Hi Jefril, if you have plenty of acne, I would recommend you go to a dermatologist. I’m no longer using this for my pimples or acne. I use TRETINOIN CREAM 0.025% which is what my dermatologist prescribed to my mild acne.

    • im no longer using this. if you a spot treatment for acne you can buy a more effective one na cheaper din. Like ung sa Clean and Clear and ung Belo na anti acne product meron set na may cleanser,toner at spot treatment na..

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